Links To Other Appropriate Economics Sites

General Websites

  • CC Tsunami - The application of CC system in Tsunami Affected Areas

  • Movimento Monetario Mosaico (Mosaic Monetary Movement, Brasil)

  • Social Forge - laboratory for social creation

  • Red Empresarial de Trueque, El Salvador

  • Intermediate Technology Development Group - Alternative Finance

  • Vida Dignible y Sostenible (Dignified and Sustainable Life, Mexico)

  • Strohalm Foundation -- Community Currency efforts worldwide

  • Project LETS -- Listing LETS Systems Worldwide

  • International Journal of Community Currency Research

  • Virtual Library on Micro-Finance

  • -- A site about new money

  • HOURS-based Local Currency Systems.

  • Systems d'Echange Locale (SEL) -- Community Currencies in France

  • New Approach to Freedom

  • Roy Davies' Homepage -- Resources on the topic of currencies

  • Access Foundation

  • Community Currency Systems in Japan.

  • Community Exchange Systems in Asia

  • Centro Las Cases, El Salvador

  • Gesell Research Society Japan

  • Thomas Greco - Reinventing Money

  • Trueque Mar y Sierras, Argentina

  • South African New Economics Network

  • Living Economies

  • Global Justice Movement

  • Altruistic Economics

  • Haza Riba: Islamic Banking

  • EF Schumacher Society's SHARE Microcredit and Small Enterprise Program

  • Interest-Free Money

  • School LETS: Introducing Community Currencies in Schools

  • LETS Europe: Resources for LETS Administrators




    Other Links

    Websites I have built and some I continue to manage: