Funders, Donors, Investors and Supporters of
Community Exchange and Appropriate Economic Projects

Click Here for Information about the 2007 MicroGrant Fund for the
Promotion of Complementary Currency Systems in Asia, Africa
and Latin America

If you are a funder, donor, investor or supporter of appropriate economic projects in the third world, contact the Coordinator to discuss how to become involved in supporting projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Please consider supporting this website, as the Coordinator for details.

The application of community-based complementary currency exchange systems has been growing very rapidly worldwide over the past 10 years. The movement is maturing, and the concepts of interest-free money systems, socio-economic solidarity, inclusion and small-scale economic networks is increasing in importance. Until now, most projects were able to find funding relatively easily, but now some groups are having difficulty finding funding for their projects as the range of present funders is limited.

As most projects are community-based, the size of the grant is small compared to other, larger-scale projects. However, as the overall program advances, larger-scale funds will be needed to connect local-level networks together to form regional, national and eventually international economic networks.

There is a need for financial support for training, technology introduction, communications, and printing, as well as typical operational management costs in the initial phase of the projects. Some projects can be started for as little as $100 US.

All appropriate economic systems are designed to be self-financing, as any stable economy should be. However, the startup phase requires some assistance and the targets for achieving sustainable self-financing must be met.

Please visit the proposals page to see the list of projects waiting to happen.


Stephen DeMeulenaere
Asia Coordinator, Strohalm Foundation