Community Exchange Systems in Asia

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A Token System for Computer Time Allocation in Bangladesh, by Robin Upton

Hong Kong

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Hui Po-keung ("PK")
Department of Cultural Studies,
Lingnan University

Dora S.C. Cheng
Social Worker
Community Oriented Mutual Economy, Wanchai

H.Y. ("Yan") Yuen
Asst. Project Officer
Community Oriented Mutual Economy, Wanchai

Documents Author Date
In Search of a Communal Economic Subject Dr. Hui Po-Keung 2003

Website of Community Oriented Mutual Economy Project:

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Stephen DeMeulenaere
Strohalm Foundation

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Sistem-Sistem Pertukaran Lokal dan Ekonomi Kerakyatan di Indonesia
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Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language)
Latar Belakang
Proses Mendesain Sistem Pertukaran Masyarakat Stephen DeMeulenaere
Sejarah Singkat Sistem Mata Uang Masyarakat Stephen DeMeulenaere
Diskusi Berseri 'Community Currency System' (CCS) Sebagai Alternatif Sistem Perekonomian Masyarakat Stephen DeMeulenaere & YAPPIKA
Proyek Riset CCS Stephen DeMeulenaere
Beberapa Cara Partisipatif Untuk Memahami Sistem Mata Uang Masyarakat Stephen DeMeulenaere
Sistem Mata Uang Masyarakat di Indonesia: Masalah dan Prospeknya Dr. Revrisond Baswir
Garis Besar Ekonomi Terpadu Masyarakat Stephen DeMeulenaere
Pendekatan Inovatif Strohalm untuk Perkembangan Strohalm Foundation
Konsep-Konsep dan Riset
Sistem Kerja Ketrampilan Saling Pinjam-Meminjam Stephen DeMeulenaere
Sistem Gotong Royong Stephen DeMeulenaere
Sistem Kooperasi Masyarakat Stephen DeMeulenaere
Sistem Uang Pasar (Zip) ... PDF Stephen DeMeulenaere
Sistem Arisan + Stephen DeMeulenaere
Gambaran Umum Jaringan Pembeli dan Pedagang C3 Strohalm Foundation
Gambaran Umum Program Bonus Strohalm Foundation
Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Miskin Perkotaan Dengan Sistem Mata Uang Masyarakat Carmelita Toelihere
Kedinamisan Vitalitas Budaya yang Berkelanjutan dalam Era Globalisasi Dunia: Masyarakat Bali Sebagai Contoh Lietaer & DeMeulenaere
Sokun Assalam : Sebuah Alat Tukar Di Lingkungan Santri Pondok Pesantren di Solo Ngatidjo
Makalah Arisan+ Fakultas Psikologi UI
Menghargai Kembali Uang Kepeng Sebagai Media Pertukaran Lokal di Bali Stephen DeMeulenaere
Kupon Kerjasama Komunitas Stephen DeMeulenaere
Sistem Pertukaran Bon Stephen DeMeulenaere
Sistem Barter di Pulau Lembata Ferry Yuniver
Sistem-Sistem Pertukaran Lokal dan Ekonomi Kerakyatan Stephen DeMeulenaere

English Language



CCS in Indonesia Dr. Revrisond Baswir
Community Currency Systems and Credit Unions Stephen DeMeulenaere
Comprehensive Community Development on Lombok Chris Herbst
Sustaining Cultural Vitality in a Globalizing World - The Balinese Example Lietaer & DeMeulenaere
Sokun Assalam "Peace Cheque": A Medium of Exchange in a Muslim Boarding School Ngatidjo
Revaluing Uang Kepeng as a Medium of Local Exchange in Bali Stephen DeMeulenaere
Strengthening Indonesia's "Gotong Royong' Traditional Social Reciprocation System Stephen DeMeulenaere
Arisan + - An Indonesian Modification of Microcredit Stephen DeMeulenaere
Bon Exchange System: An Improvement on the Indonesian system for exchanging local credit Stephen DeMeulenaere
Merapi Mulia and Strohalm collaboration presentation Stephen DeMeulenaere


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Yasuyuki Hirota





An Overview of Social Money systems in Japan Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota  
Using "Eco-Money" to Deepen Community Ties    
Las Monedas Sociales en Japon Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota  
Social Money in Japan    
Yasuyuki Hirota's website on Community Currency Systems Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota  
Yasuyuki Hirota's website on the Red Global de Trueque, in English Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota  
See samples of Japan's recent 'Shopping Voucher' experiment    
"Japan is using Local Currency", about the recent 'Shopping Voucher' experiment. Stephen DeMeulenare 1999
Ministry to Support Model Local Currency System 2005

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For more information, please contact:

Ms. Athanasia Kyunghee Chun <>
Dr. Myongje, Cha <>
Mr. Wonkyoo, Lee <>
Ms. Jung-ok, Lee <>

Papua New Guinea

Traditional Currency Systems

For more information, please contact:

Stephen DeMeulenaere
Strohalm Foundation


News Articles



Articles on Traditional Tabu Shell Currency various media, compiled by
Stephen DeMeulenaere
1995 - 2002
East New Britain Province May Approve Traditional Shell Money as Legal Tender Islands Post 1999
First Tolai Shell Money Exchange Launched Islands Post 2000
Shell Money May Save PNG Islands Post 2001
Bagi and Mwali - Traditional trading items used in the Milne Bay Kula Ring. 1999
Note on Shell Money (with images) 2001
Tabu - Traditional Shell money used in East New Britain by the Tolai community. 2001



Our Culture Our Currency: The Custom of Selling Pig Meat for Shell Money for the Payment of Bride Price on the Gazelle Peninsula, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea Stephen DeMeulenaere 2002
The Valuation and Production of Tabu Shell Currency Stephen DeMeulenaere 2002
Tabu: The Shell Money of the Tolai Epstein, A.L. 1979
The Original Affluent Society Marshall Sahlins 1971
The New Traditional Economy Rosser & Rosser 1999
Economic Organizations and Local Cultures Thierry G. Verhelst 1996

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Stephen DeMeulenaere
Strohalm Foundation


Documents Year
Balangkas Na Hakia O Konsepto 2005
Sistemang Pampamilihang Pananalapi 2005
Manwal Na Pagpapalakad Ng Isang Pamamaraan 2005
Isang Paglalarawan Ng Kasaysayang Mga Sistemang Panlipunang O Pangpamayanang Pananalapi 2005


For more information, please contact:

Thailand Community Currency Systems (TCCS)
CCS Research Project
Dr. Apichai Puntasen

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The Thai Community Currency Systems Project began in 1997 with the objectives of:
  • Studying indigenous systems of non-monetary exchange,
  • Disseminating the global experience of community currency systems with people's organisations in Thailand, and
  • Initiating a pilot community currency system in Thailand.

    "Bia Kud Chum", Thailand's first community currency system, began trading in March of 2000 in order to:
  • Encourage local production and import substitution,
  • Reduce the outflow of national currency from the community, and Revitalise local traditions of reciprocal exchange.

Author Date
Historical News Articles
About the Kud Chum Farmer's Cooperative Bangkok Post August 19, 1998
A Fair Exchange Bangkok Post Sept. 16, 1999
Villagers' coupon issue could fall foul of bank laws The Nation April 15, 2000
Community currency system poses 'no threat to baht' The Nation April 26, 2000
Law Society stands up for Yasothon credit system Bangkok Post April 27, 2000
SUNDAY Nation Editorial: The sledgehammer and the Northeast village nut The Nation May 7, 2000
Self-Reliance the Force Behind Successful ‘Kutchum Pence’ The Nation May 11, 2000
Bank sees red over villagers' currency Straights Times Interactive May 23, 2000
Self-Sufficiency Economy by own money Bangkok Post Sept. 7, 2000

General Articles
Briefing Paper Jeff Powell and Menno Salverda 1998
Balancing the Power of Money Menno Salverda 1999
A Brief History of Money Menno Salverda 1999
Mexico & Thailand: Community Currency Systems Luis Lopezllera Mendez and Menno Salverda 1999
A Golden Opportunity Jeff Powell 2000
The Facts of Bia Kud Chum Wanlop Pichpongsa 2000
Bia Kud Chum: A Tool for Creating Strong, Self-Reliant Communities Wanlop Pichpongsa, Menno Salverda and Villagers 2001
Bia Kud Chum: Opportunities and Challenges of Community Currency Systems Wanlop Pichpongsa and Pornpita Khlangpukhiaw 2002

Snapshot of Community Currencies in North America and Europe Menno Salverda and Jeff Powell 1998
Thailand Community Currency Systems 1998-1999 Report Menno Salverda and Jeff Powell 1999
A System of Local Exchange Dr. Apichai Puntasen et al. 2002
Thailand CCS Report 2002 Pornpita Kianphukiew 2002

CCS Design and Implementation
Participatory Learning Tools
Workshop activities illustrating community economic flows using a bucket and a can of coke!
Jeff Powell & Menno Salverda 1998
Designing a Community Coupon Currency System Jeff Powell & Menno Salverda 1998
Wanlop Pichpongsa 1998
Community Currency Role Play
How-to play guide and spreadsheets for a hands-on method to introduce CCS to new audiences.
Menno Salverda and Jeff Powell 1999
Robinson Crusoe
Street theatre designed to provoke a discussion of the origin and effects of interest, original script by Silvio Gesell
Jeff Powell & Menno Salverda 1999
Kud Chum Process (Thai Language) Wanlop Pichpongsa 2000
Bangrajan and Kud Chum (Thai Language) 2000

Project Links and Resources
Thailand Community Currency Systems CUSO Program Website CUSO Canada 1999
Samples of Bia Kud Chum notes 2000
Photos of the Opening Day Market 2000